Lamborghini Aventador Roadster joins Drake’s car collection.


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A few weeks ago, we led you guys through some of the Toronto born rapper’s very exclusive supercars. Turns out, he’s added another rare car to an already rare fleet of cars.

Even though he added a new, rare, Mclaren 675LT to his collection recently, Drake has acquired a brand new Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

He’s not the first celebrity to acquire such a car. Artist Nicki Minaj and Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian have had these cars in their collection before. However, Drake’s car looks very impressive.

Instead of being wrapped bright pink or a white shade like the other two have wrapped, Drake has chosen a stealthy Matte Grey. On top of that, Drake has fitted an aftermarket set of HRE wheels, with work signed by Tony Bet from driving emotions. This man was behind Drake’s Mclaren 675LT.

Drake has had quite a lot of success over the years through his music and acting career, and he has built of an impressive collection because of it. Some notable cars are his Bugatti Veyron, Rolls Royce Dawn, plenty of Bentley’s and the Mclaren 675LT.

Congratulations on all of your success Drake, and keep doing Toronto proud.


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