New GMC Feature Tries to Save the Lives of Children


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2017 GMC Arcadia

It has always been the responsibility of a parent to take care of their child when driving a vehicle, whether that means not getting to a car accident or to making sure you don’t forget your child in a heated car. That is why to make the lives easier of some parents, all of the motor vehicle companies take the steps needed to make safety one of their top priorities for their customers as it is a serious matter to many people. Recently, we have seen the stories every summer of dozens of children being left to suffer from a heat stroke after being left inside a hot car. A lot of these deaths happen due to the carelessness of the parent forgetting their own child in the backseat. But, one car company (GMC) is taking this matter into their own hands and to pick up from the mistakes these parents are making by including a new feature in their 2017 Acadia that is called a “Rear Seat Reminder”

The “Rear Seat Reminder” alerts the driver if the vehicle suspects someone might have been accidently left behind. GMC’s alert to the driver will activate under certain circumstances. It begins by alerting the driver with five chimes and displaying a warning if the rear doors are opened and closed within 10 mins of the vehicle starting or if those doors are opened while the vehicle is in motion. In other words, the system doesn’t necessarily detect that people are sitting in the rear seat but instead it gives them an alarm of that something is wrong around rear seats of the car in which the system hopes it reminds the driver that there are passengers on the rear seats of the car.

These warnings will be displayed regardless of what the temperature can be inside or outside the vehicle. Unfortunately, even though GMC tries its best in reminding parents of people sitting in the rear seats of the car, they are still not capable of protecting those children who are left intentionally in heated cars. GMC are not capable of changing the minds of a negligent caretaker who thinks that everything will be fine if they left a child in the backseat on a warm day to run an errand or go to work. Sadly, the Acadia’s system is incapable of preventing any these types of scenarios but it hopes that it is still able to remind drivers to think twice when leaving a child behind in a heated car.

In conclusion, the effort GMC is trying to put into ending these tragedies is remarkable. However, it is not certain on how effective this system can be, and in matter of fact it may not be able to save many children at all. But, if the system is able to save at least one child from dying due to a heat stroke in a heated car, it would be worth the effort that GMC has put towards this matter.

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