How Koenigsegg went from Frozen Chicken to Exotic Car Manufacturer


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Koenigsegg is the world’s most improbable exotic car manufacturer. Who might have suspected that a small manufacturer in Sweden, out of every other place on earth, would assemble an adversary to the Bugatti Chiron? Christian von Koenigsegg, that is who. The eponymous organization’s author discusses why he began building cars in any case and a portion of the fascinating occasions in Koenigsegg’s history.

It started when Koenigsegg began an trading organization at 19 years old offering, in addition to other things, frozen chickens. After three years he asked himself “What was it I really want to do? I want to build cars.”

“If I don’t do it now I’m probably never going to do it. I’m young, it’s going to be super difficult, most people fail. It’s probably going to be impossible. It’s the perfect challenge because anyway I’m going to die in the end so I have nothing to lose.”

At first, Koenigsegg thought it would just take a year to create his first model. It took eight, or more venture from around 30 shareholders amid Sweden’s late-’90s IT blast.

From the begin, Koenigsegg understood his car should have been distinctive. “It has to have some unique features,” he says in the meeting. For the main model, the CC8S, that implied a removable and stowable hard top that didn’t exist anyplace else in the supercar world. Exceptional qualities keep on being a piece of the brand’s appeal. “No one else can do what we’re doing,” is a noteworthy motivation behind why individuals need to keep on buying Koenigsegg cars. Quite a bit of that extraordinary offering recommendation is gigantic strength and supernatural execution, obviously, as with the 1,500-drive Regera.

Look at the video for all the more intriguing stories from Koenigsegg, similar to the point of reference of building the initial 1-megawatt car and how he passed up a major opportunity for a fortune in wood flooring.

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