Ford GT Heritage Edition


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About a week ago, Ford won the 24hr Lemans in the new Ford GT Lemans vehicles in France. This amazing victory came just 50 years later after winning lemans in 1966 with the new GT’s elder: the Ford GT40 MK.II

Celebrating both of it’s wins, the Automotive manufacturer has decided to create a special edition of the new GT called the 66′ Heritage edition. The current GT is already limited to 250 cars, as if that wasn’t rare enough, the Heritage edition will only be built in the 2017 year.

The HE will come in a gloss or matte black paintjob, a silver stripe and all of the carbon fiber bits on the car will be left exposed.

The Heritage edition will also be fitted with One piece aliuminium wheels in a satin gold finish with black lugnuts.

As if being selected for the new GT was already difficult, being selected for the Heritage edition will be even tougher. Once again, having enough supercar money isn’t enough, there will be a long application and selection process for the potential owners of the new GT.


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