Mercedes-AMG Collaboration with F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton?


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It looks like Mercedes will be getting a helping hand from a popular Formula 1 celebrity, as Lewis Hamilton wants to help develop a Mercedes AMG GT LH. Lewis Hamilton, a three time Formula One World Championship, knows a few perks about fast cars and what is needed to get the most out of your vehicle. Possessing such expertise in this field, Hamilton wants to apply his knowledge to help Mercedes develop a road going supercar.

No plans have been finalized at this point, but the three time champion is expressing his desire to join Mercedes in developing a new vehicle as he has recently told Top Gear that he has been in discussion with Tobias Moers, Mercedes-AMG chief Tobias Moers about his idea. Hamilton has always made pitches to Mercedes about ideas he thought would be beneficial to the company after they bought him his first AMG GT R. From that point on, Hamilton was intrigued with joining Tobias to create a car like a GT LH, because of the fact that they possess F1 technology and a three time world champion driver.

Even though it may be very early to speculate if this idea actually may come into existence, we can predict a few things that Hamilton might want to do with the Mercedes-AMG GT to put his own unique spin on it. Firstly, it is expected that Hamilton would want an Affalterbach’s 4.0 litter twin turbo V8 engine, resulting it at least reach the 577 HP the GT R does. Secondly, he would probably want maintain with car’s dual clutch transmission, although Hamilton has proven to many that he is one to support the Save the Manuals movement.

In conclusion, if the plan that Hamilton has about his dream car ever comes into existence, it would not be the first time that an F1 driver has helped an automotive company develop a road going supercar. A few examples are that Ferrari and McLaren are both who regularly have their pilots test their vehicles.  Going further, Infiniti has reserved the services of Sebastian Vettle for promotional purposes of their company and Ayrton Senna has left his mark on the structure of the original Acura NSX. Therefore, Hamilton may now have the chance the join the list of celebs/F1 drivers to contribute their ideas into creating a road going supercar.



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