Mercedes to beat Tesla Motors in its own Game?


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Mercedes-Benz EV Concept

Looks like the time has come for Tesla to face competition for once to a market they have seemed to dominate for years. Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk once claimed and expressed gratitude to Mercedes-Benz’s parent Daimler for giving a helping hand in to saving the multimillion dollar company he has built now all because of the 50 million dollar investment Tesla Motors received in 2009. However, as Tesla continues to dominate the electric vehicle market, Mercedes has finally now looked into dethroning Tesla in its market.

Mercedes-Benz plans to showcase a concept version of an all-electric sedan at the Paris Motor Show in September in its attempt to show Tesla and the automotive world of what they are capable of doing into beating Tesla at its own game.  This high performance all electric sedan will be an all-wheel drive model that will be capable of driving up to a range of 300 miles on a single charge and would be able to match the extraordinary performance of the Tesla Model S. Hearing these reports of how big this new concept can be to Mercedes and how it has the potential to overthrow Tesla in its market has the California based automaker be concerned about how long his company will be on top for.  The Mercedes EV is projected to cost close to $200,000 when it is planned to first go on sale in 2018.

David McCarthy, Mercedes-Benz Australia executive, believes that Mercedes long history and tremendous track record will allow them to have the edge in meeting their production deadlines compared to Tesla Motors. Furthermore, McCarthy believes that because of the long distance trips between many of the cities in Australia, it will allow their vehicle to show up Tesla because it will be able to settle the anxiety of those people who are scared of the long distance drives between city to city on a single charge.

This new electric concept Mercedes plans to unveil in September will add on to the list of electric vehicles that they produce such as the B-Class EV and the Smart Car. In addition, earlier this spring rumors swirled around that Mercedes was planning to debut four new all electric vehicles by the end of 2019. Out of four those models, two are expected to be sedans and the other two will be SUVs and all four of them will have the ability to drive up to a range of at least 250 miles on a single charge.


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