If our favourite Pokémon’s were cars…


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It has been a little over two weeks but it seems that Pokémon Go has taken over the world as millions of people from every country are seemingly occupied with their phone trying to catch em all. However for those automotive enthusiasts who enjoyed the 90s series as a child, have you ever wondered what your favourite Pokémon would look like as a car? Well, CarWow has come together to mashup several of our favourite Pokémon’s with similar car models.

Firstly, it shouldn’t come as surprise to many that everyone’s favourite Pokémon, Pikachu, has been compared to a Nissan Juke. The Nissan Juke is best to render Pikachu, because the SUV possess the features fitting the red dots for the cheeks, a set of pointy ears on the roof and a big bright smile on the grill of the SUV. Lastly, the finishing touch on the vehicle was to add a lightning bolt shaped wing for the tail of the little critter.  While the Nissan Juke seems to have been rendered as the closest vehicle to our beloved Pikachu, we believe that Pikachu might be a better match with something more small and agile like the Ford Fiesta ST since that is what best describes Pikachu.

Furthermore, CarWow went the extra mile by matching other common Pokémon’s with other vehicles in the automotive industry which includes Bulbasaur as a Range Rover Evoque Convertible, Jigglypuff as a Fiat 500, Snorlax as a Porsche Macan, Squirtle as a Volkswagen Beetle and Mewtwo as a Lexus LC500.

While it may be fun to see one of our favourite childhood shows mashed up with similar looking models it is important to make sure that we are being safe when driving. Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have sent out a message to remind the gamers that when on the road to not be distracted from the game as your safety should come first. This message is important for many of the users to comprehend, because there have been several accidents that have resulted from a Pokémon trainer distraction. Thus, when driving try to take a little break from trying to catch em all. Lastly, which model car you think would best mashup with your favourite Pokémon?


Source: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/07/20/pokemon-characters-rendered-as-cars/

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