Koenigsegg One:1 Crash!


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Last week, the driver of an ultra rare Koenigsegg One:1 crashed his car at the Nurburgring.

There were only seven made in the whole world, and the current value of one is upwards of $2 million USD. However, a dealership in Australia had acquired theirs for $7.4 Million.

The Nurburgring has always been known as “The Green Hell” and we’re sure that this driver would remember that name as he walked away from this very, very expensive crash.

Videos have popped up all over the internet of the Koenigsegg being lifted on to a flatbed truck after destroying a guardrail.

Koenigsegg has said that the driver has be released from the hospital since the crash.

“Koenigsegg Automotive AB can confirm reports online that a Koenigsegg One:1 was involved in a crash during testing as part of Industry Pool at the Nurburgring on Monday, 18 July. The driver was taken to hospital as per standard procedures in such situations and was released the same afternoon.

…. A Koenigsegg is an extreme performance car and must be tested accordingly. This is an inherently dangerous undertaking that must be conducted progressively and methodically, working point by point on all areas of our highly adjustable vehicles. Our primary concern is always driver safety and any testing is structured and conducted accordingly.”

Koenigsegg deems the One:1 not a supercar, not a hypercar, but a megacar. And it’s easy to see why looking at the rarity, the performance and the price tag on such a car.

Will the driver have to get the car repaired?  How much will it cost to repair? Can it be repaired?

Likely not, considering the chassis is largely made of carbon which was most likely torn during the crash. We could be seeing a disappearance from the ranks of the seven already existing One:1 ‘s without a doubt, pumping up the value of the reamaining One:1 ‘s

This without a doubt, this reveals an easy way to make money. Own a rare car, destroy the other examples of that rare car that cannot be replaced. Your example becomes priceless. Equals Profit.

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