Is Porsche Joining the Electric Vehicle Market?


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Porsche Mission E Concept

As the years have passed many automobile companies are jumping on the bandwagon of joining the electric vehicle market as it is becoming the new eco-friendly trend in this decade. We have seen Mercedes, BMW, Nissan and much more begin to join the electric vehicle market and put a lot of their effort into creating one of the best EV’s out there.  Porsche has recently made an effort in to trying to get their own concept of an electric vehicle on the road, by hiring an additional 400 people to the already 1,000 other workers who were previously hired.

Porsche has hired this many workers in an attempt for them to work on the production and development of being able to put the “Mission E” on the road. In addition, to hiring an extra 400 workers, Porsche continues to look on into hiring a further 100 IT specialist, 50 creatives and 70 more apprentices as they are still trying to show the automotive industry that they are actually trying to make an effort in joining the electric vehicle market.

Nevertheless, with all these new hirings, Porsche still believes that they are nowhere near close to having the Mission E going into production. Recently in an interview conducted by Australia’s Drive, August Achleitner, the product director for the 911, spoke upon the matter of the electric vehicle concept Porsche has in mind. He explained that Porsche doesn’t have any plans to move forward onto putting an electric 911 on the road as he believes that there is way too many disadvantages of such a concept being mixed with a slender layout of a 911.

On the bright side, Achleitner explained that even though that Porsche does not currently have any plans of creating an electric 911, it is still a real possibility of it becoming a reality in the next 10-15 years into the future. But the catch was that for us to ever see an electric 911 on the road, it will all depend on us, the customers, as the demand for the vehicle is the main factor of whether this concept will be given more thought in the nearby future. Thus, if any of us wants to ever see an electric 911 on the road in this world, it looks like the fate of that concept will be in our hands.


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