Is Jaguar Joining the Electric Vehicle Market?


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For many years now Jaguar has been working on its electric future, and it seems that this week we finally see their entry into the electric vehicle industry has finally come into fruition. On September 8th, 2016 Jaguar’s Formula E race team officially launched its electric future by unveiling the I-Type 1. The I-Type 1 marked the official return of Jaguar into the factory supported racing and also has allowed them to take one huge step forward in their electric future.

Having the Formula E championship coming up around the corner has been a blessing for Jaguar as it has allowed their organization to test their model in extreme performance conditions where they were capable of engineering and testing the advanced technologies. The Formula E championship will be beneficial to the Jaguar organization as it will allow them to use the vital knowledge they learn from the race and use that knowledge towards their real world development of an electric vehicle to put on city roads.

The Formula E competition is anticipated to start on October 9th and it is expected that it will be a packed house as this will be the third season of the all-electric racing series. In addition, Jaguar has gotten a sponsorship from Panasonic, which shows the confidence that one of the major electronic companies have in one of the up and coming electric vehicles of the future. Furthermore, not only does the Formula E movement by Jaguar help them strategize for their future electric vehicle market but it also allows the British company to remain true to its racing heritage.

Initiating the Formula E project has allowed Jag to compete with others who are trying to put out various electric vehicles on the road. Aside from the specs of the future EV, the design of the electric powertrain is coming from Williams Advanced Engineering, who was also responsible for assisting with the development of Jaguar’s C-X75.

Furthermore, a few has already captured a glimpse of an F-Pace crossover silently being tested this week in the alps and many have noticed that during the testing the F-Pace seemed to be producing no engine noise at all, which led many to conclude to the idea that the new F-Pace they have spotted may be the rumor electric SUV Jaguar was working on.

In conclusion, Jaguars electrics efforts are not a secret to many as it has been known to many of the consumers and competitors out there that Jaguar has been working aggressively into joining the electric vehicle market, which is rapidly becoming a trend for many large automobile industries to do these days.

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