Apple in negotiations with McLaren


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Financial Times recently reported that the innovation and technology company, Apple has been negotiating with one of the biggest automotive technology companies, McLaren Technology Group for a possible takeover or investment.

As we all know McLaren is a known company from their racing technology team and supercar manufacturing. Revenue and the profitability of the company on the other hand is not comparable with any of the gigantic automotive manufacturers such as GM, Ford, VW, Toyota, etc. In 2015 McLaren made $617 million in revenue and almost 23% of the revenue was net profit.

Question in our minds is “What would Apple do with an automotive technology company like McLaren?”. Even though they did not launch any product in this industry, Apple has an automotive department. There are also rumors about secret project of Apple about a car.

We all know Apple has great engineers and a really strong R&D, but still could use a little help of a professional and experienced company like McLaren to focus on innovation and technology in automotive industry. This purchase has the potential be really beneficial for Apple.

Financial Times stated that the takeover can cost from $1.3 billion to $2 billion for Apple. Apple has made bigger investments and buyouts before so we can easily expect this investment plan from the company.
While the negotiation process between two firms continues, all we can do for now is to wonder what kind of an innovation can this acquisition lead in the automotive industry.

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