Battle Between Lexus & Electric Vehicles?


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Toyota’s luxury division appears to be back at it again with criticizing the plug in vehicle market by stressing the many challenges that seem to come with these new electric vehicles that are in the market. Lexus has emphasized the continuous challenges of recharging batteries for vehicles rather than easily just filling up a vehicle with gas or hydrogen. While many of the major car companies have been trying to enter the electric vehicle market, Lexus tends to keep its distance from the idea and rather just stick with its hybrid creations.

In recent reports, Lexus has come up with a new way to showcase some of its hybrid vehicles. They have come up with the idea of adding a banner to the website of its hybrid vehicles which states “Always Charged. Always Ready.” In addition, the reasoning behind some of the shots Lexus has taken towards the electric vehicle market may be due the fact that the sales of its five hybrid models in the US have dropped drastically from a year earlier to about 21,500 units. To make matters worse, September sales have dipped to 34 percent which is an estimate of almost 1,800 units. Furthermore, the third quarter of the year represented a record when it came to electric vehicle sales as the sales were about 36,000, which is approximately up 38 percent from a year earlier. Hearing all this news just added more fuel to the fire for Lexus as their rival continued to steadily rise while they began to fall.

Nevertheless, Lexus hasn’t discussed the idea of selling a fuel cell model yet, but in years to come there may be a fuel cell version of the Lexus LS full size sedan. Lastly, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise for Lexus to be taking these shots at the electric vehicle market since they have been doing so since 2014. In 2014, Lexus presented a similar campaign in which they focused on how long it took to recharge EV’s and that did not go well with the electric vehicle advocates Plug-In America as they took action for that task. Furthermore, Lexus apologized if their campaign may have offended anyone and said it would review the content that is better related to advertising for its hybrid models.

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