The Car We All Dreamed About


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The favorite material of all times for most of the automotive enthusiasts and manufacturers is obviously “carbon fiber”. It is arguably one of the biggest innovations in automotive and racing industry. It is more reliable, durable and lighter than most of the materials out there. Let’s not forget how sexy it looks too. Admit it, you atleast once wrapped something in carbon fiber.

Remember the day you asked your friends “Can you imagine a full carbon fiber car?”. Well, a Spanish firm called Bengala Automotive Design not just imagined, but also designed one…

Bengala Automotive Design shook the industry with their F12 Caballerìya. The Spanish firm designed a full carbon Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, with the inspiration of the Ferrari GT3 race-car and pursuit of uniqueness.

Following the image of Ferrari, Bengala Automotive Design decided to make this car extra-exclusive. There will be only 10 units, and these ten lucky owners will get first priority in the company’s future projects and designs.

We are hoping that other manufacturers and automotive design firms follow Bengala’s lead and come up with full carbon fiber versions of other exotics. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a full carbon Ferrari 488 GTB or a Lamborghini Huracan ?

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