Mazda’s new surprise: RT24-P


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Mazda revealed their IMSA Championship weapon for the 2017 season. Trust me it is absolutely insane in every way.

First of all, it does not just look fast, it will be really fast and built for the American Endurance Races. While we were expecting a Gibson V8 from a regular LMP2 car, Mazda shocked everybody, not just with the design but also with their new engine decision. They decided to put a 2.0L Turbocharged I-4 Cyl engine that produces 600bhp. It is an incredible amount of power out of a 2.0L engine.  Mazda chose a smaller engine over a big V8 to represent the brand name more effectively and make the car more efficient.

The head designer of Mazda Ken Saward announced that KODO design they applied on this prototype enables them to make the car super efficient when it comes to aerodynamics. It also allows the company to use the usual LMP2 Riley Mk30 chassis and an amazing look at the same time.

We are all hoping to see this beast on the track in January, 2017 at Rolex 24 Race. Everyone in the racing industry is looking forward to it to see this piece of art demolishing the racetrack.

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