NIO EP9 Electric Supercar Unveiled In London


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Just a few weeks ago, we were given very little precious information from NextEv’s upcoming supercar. Other than the few images that were leaked and circulating around many car lovers, the vehicle has officially been revealed to the world, and in matter of fact it now has a name, NIO EP9.

Based on the results given from the Nordschleife lap, the EP9 can be considered to be one of the fastest electric cars in the world. The EP9 had a 7,05.12 lap time record around the “Ring”, which was determined to be much faster than the previous record of 7,22.329 which was accomplished by a Toyota TMG EV P002 back in 2012. In addition, the EP9 also set another record at the Paul Ricard circuit located in France in which it had a lap time of 1,52.78, which was beating the earlier electric vehicle lap records of two minutes and 40 seconds ahead. Furthermore, the design of the vehicle is a factor into its reason for breaking lap records as the aerodynamics have been enhanced to produce 24,000 newton’s of downforce at the speed of 240 km an hour.

Going more into the details about this beast, the EP9 manages a megawatt of power, or 1360 Horsepower if you wanted to be technical. It is equipped with four electric motors, four gearboxes. All of this makes it possible for the EP9 to accelerate from standstill to 60mph in 2.7 seconds and to 200 km/h in just a mere 7.1 seconds, while continuing its way to a top speed of 313 km/h. Nevertheless, the battery system for the EP9 is swappable and takes only 45 minutes for it to be charged and reach a range of 427 km.

What comes as a surprise to many is that even after learning about all the amazing specs of the EP9, NextEV hints at the possibility of applying autonomous technology to the EP9. The company stated that the “integrated e-control structure and sensor system layout could fit the latest autonomous driving technology.” Lastly, it is difficult to determine how the interior design of the vehicle will be but nonetheless many can agree on that they will have one of the best driving experiences of their lifetime.



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