SEMA 2016


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Photo Credit: @Wolf_Millionaire

Out of all the auto shows that go on during the year, the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show has to be the wildest show on the calendar. It’s a show completely filled with the maddest, most outrageous automotive creations on the planet. Last year, when I lost my SEMA virginity, I had a great experience appreciating how much the aftermarket had to offer consumers and businesses alike in the realm of automotive customization. So when I was asked to board a plane headed to Las Vegas for SEMA 2016, there was not a moment of hesitation before I agreed.

It is fitting that such a ridiculous event like SEMA would be held annually at a place so aptly named “Sin City”. The show is as much about excess as it’s surroundings are. No car, or bike for that matter, is left stock. The show was so big that the variety of cars meant that there was something that appeals to everyone’s taste. The changes could be something as minor as just a set of rims (I was blinded by all the chrome), or it could be as extreme as a completely built engine, a new suspension system, a body kit or widebody conversion (there were many), and a reupholstered interior. There were exotics, rat rods, American muscle cars, Japanese tuner cars, and many, many lifted trucks.

My favourite build of the show would have to go to professional drifter Ryan Tuerck’s Toyota GT4586. In a nutshell, it is essentially the 4.5L V8 from a Ferrari 458 Italia stuffed into the body and chassis of a Scion FR-S. I have been following the build on the Donut Media Youtube channel for sometime now, and I am astonished on the amount of custom fabrication and energy it took to complete this build. The intakes are backwards that intrude into the dashboard, the custom exhaust blows right through the corners of the front bumper, and the suspension and steering are all calibrated to be a drift monster. It was great to see the finished product at the GoPro booth.


Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast

One of the more interesting events that I attended was the world-premiere of the Vorsteiner Mclaren 570VX. Vorsteiner, a reputable aftermarket company that specializes in exotics, made a rather attractive body kit for the McLaren 570S. The upgrade includes a large carbon fibre front splitter modelled after the P1 GTR, larger carbon fibre side skirts, a massive carbon fibre rear wing, and a set of new lighter wheels. Yeah, that’s a whole lot of carbon fibre. I tried convincing Anthony, the CEO of MadWhips Inc, to get the kit on his McLaren 540C – which has the same body as the 570S – but he said that the design of his McLaren from the factory is a timeless shape that doesn’t need to be tinkered with. I think he’s wrong, he needs that Vorsteiner kit!


Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast

Another great event that I was fortunate enough to attend was the GoldRush Rally Movie Festival. This was, as the name suggests, a collection of films made by participants of the GoldRush Rally. There were four films made that illustrated the perspectives of four participating teams of the 2016 GoldRush Rally: The Gr8est. All the films were unique in their own way, but each one of them highlighted the sense of family that they felt with everyone on the rally. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the participants and had an overall great time at the festival.

SEMA 2016 was a great way to end the 2016 calendar of events for MadWhips. The crazy energy that Las Vegas instills in you and the outrageous builds at SEMA definitely has me pumped for next year. 2017 will bring even more adventures that I will be able to share with you !


Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast


Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast


Photo Credit: @ilikethemfast


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