LaFerrari Sold For $7-Million at Auction


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The Ferrari LaFerrari is already one of the most dreamed about exotic cars that many people around the world wish to have. It is one of the most extreme, high performance and road going cars ever built to date. In addition, the LaFerrari is now the most expensive modern car to ever be sold at an auction.

Ferrari teamed up with RM Sotheby’s and the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund to auction this magnificent beast for an unbelievable price of $7 million dollars. All the proceeds went towards the effort to help with the reconstruction of central Italy. Afterwards, Ferrari announced that its extra LaFerrari, which was the 500th example the company originally built for its own collection, was the most expensive car to ever be sold at an auction.

The new owners of the LaFerrari should be happy knowing that they now possess one of the rarest cars that Ferrari has ever built to date, but also be filled with joy knowing that all their proceeds have gone towards a good cause in helping with the reconstruction of central Italy, which is a place that is trying to recover from the aftermath of the earthquake. In addition, the owners should be excited knowing that they may now possess a unique example of the final production LaFerrari. The minor tweaks that has been done to this LaFerrari to make it just a bit more unique than the others are that its Rosso Corsa paint body will now get a white “dream line” on its hood and rear windshield. This is different from many of the other LaFerrari’s as most of them do not have the “dream line” nor the Italian tricolor on the nose of the hood. In conclusion, we are sure that many citizens of central Italy will be pleased with the person who has purchased the LaFerrari for 7 million dollars as it is helping the city quickly get back on its feet after this tragic earthquake.

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