Rezvani Beast Alpha


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In 2017, Rezvani Beast Alpha will make appearance to the market. According to the press release of Rezvani, the Beast will be more aggressive as Beast Alpha. We have to admit it really does look “Aggressive”.

The new Beast Alpha will have new features, such as; SideWinder doors, side vents, central exhaust and targa top. The car will weigh only 1,950 lbs thanks to the aluminum monocoque created by Lotus and usage of carbon fiber.

500 horsepower seems not enough, at least less than  what we would expect from a Super-Car like this, but when we consider the power to weight ratio, it is pretty impressive that it equals to 0.56 horsepower per kg.

Rezvani Motors Team decided to use the Acura K24 block and upgrade it with forged aluminum pistons, better performing turbo, new camshaft and an intercooler. These upgrades made it possible for Beast Alpha to reach 0-100 km/h in only 3.2 seconds. The time changes by .2 seconds depending on the transmission option you choose. (6-Spd Manual : 3.4 sec) The top speed is expected to be 280km/h.

We are looking forward to see what Rezvani Beast Alpha is capable of.

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