Caterham Thinks of Building Modern Car


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Photo Credit: ThisLifeOfCars

Most vehicles on the marketplace are designed, built, and powered by modern technology. This only logical. As the times move on, so should the technology and designs. Nevertheless, there are some that think that older is better. Case in point: Caterham. The British manufacturer insists on soldiering on the ancient Lotus 7. To give you a sense on how ancient it really is, it started production about a decade before man made it to the moon. However, it seems that the times are catching up over at Caterham as they consider doubling their model line up to 2.

Photo Credit: Caterham Cars UK

Photo Credit: Caterham Cars UK

In an interview with Autocar UK, Caterham CEO Graham MacDonald revealed that he would like to not only build a second car, they would like to build a modern conventional car with a closed cockpit and shape. The current batch of Caterhams take their shape from the old Lotus 7, which is as bare bones as possible, without even a roof. This second vehicle would be an addition to the line-up, as Caterham says that they would like to continue building the 7.

Although they would love to see this second car come into fruition soon, it seems that they do not have the necessary capital for it. MacDonald indicated that a joint-venture would be the best option to make it happen. This makes sense, as Caterham is a very small company that churns out only a miniscule amount of vehicles a year.

This news is not a complete surprise though. Back in 2014, Caterham teamed up with Renault’s Alpine brand and revealed the C120 concept. Although the concept was wonderful, nothing else concrete came out of that relationship.

So far no manufacturer has stepped up to the plate. I can only dream of some of the amazing cars that could come out of relationships with current sports car leaders. Imagine a Porsche-Caterham co-developed sports car? Or possibly keep it British and make a lightweight Caterham-Aston Martin V12 powered rocket! I really hope that something does come to market, the world needs more Caterhams.

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One Response to “Caterham Thinks of Building Modern Car”

  1. Katoy said on January 12th, 2017 at 7:12 am

    That car is as ugly as a bag of snake heads.