First Look: 2018 Ford Mustang


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Ford dropped the curtains on the freshly face-lifted Ford Mustang. This will be the first refresh since the introduction of this sixth generation’s chassis in 2014. Although the exterior looks like a minor facelift, it promises to pack a lot more tech underneath the fresh sheetmetal.


The biggest news is that the 2018 Ford Mustang gains magnetorheological adaptive suspension, known as MagneRide. It will be available as part of the performance packs on both the EcoBoost and the GT trims. This will make the Mustang more competitive, as the Chevrolet Camaro has had active magnetic suspension since 2015. Ford has said themselves that the new Mustang GT with the performance pack is better than the last generation Mustang Boss 302.

Ford has also announced the end of the V6 Mustang. This only makes sense since the take-rate was only about 15% of total sales and the 2.3L EcoBoost four-banger makes more power and uses less fuel. Moreover, the V8 now has a dual injection system (Port and Direct) that is also found in the new F150 Raptor. This allowed Ford to raise the compression ratio to 12.0:1 of the V8, which helps with both power and fuel economy. Coupled to these powerplants is the option of the new 10-speed transmission Ford co-developed with GM. It promises decreased shift times and can apparently cope with more torque than the outgoing 6-speed automatic. Fret not, there is also the option of a 6-speed manual, now with a stronger twin-disc clutch and a dual-mass flywheel.


All-in-all the new Mustang looks like a great improvement over the outgoing models. Personally, I think the refreshed exterior looks sharp, but I’ve heard some negative feedback from the automotive press already. Nonetheless, the 2018 Mustang is as competitive as ever.


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