McLaren 720S Leaked!


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McLaren’s replacement for it’s current Super Series cars, which include the 650S and 675LT, will be officially revealed at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show later on this March. This is no secret, as we have seen spy shots of the new car testing. However, now a new leaked image has surfaced on the internet to give us an even better glimpse of it.


Early Spy Shot of 720S from 2016

Dubbed the 720S, or P14 internally,, the 650S’ replacement was shown to potential customers at an event months before it’s official public debut. Usually at these events, clients are usually made to sign a non-disclosure agreement or told verbally not to reveal images of the car so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. But lo and behold, here we are with a production (or near production) spec 720S.

From the picture, you can see how McLaren’s design has evolved from the last generation of cars. Remember, this is an all new car developed from the ground up. While the 650S was essentially an updated 12C. The 720S has some incredible body work with those large door creases and tear-drop shaped cabin profile. This coppery-orange paint is a great choice as it accentuates the impressive body work.

Details on the new McLaren 720S are scarce. We do know that it will have, as the name suggests, around 720 horsepower.

We will have all the details when the 2017 Geneva Motor Show comes around. So stay tuned!

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