Koenigsegg, Qoros to make Electric Supercar


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Photo Credit: Paul1Lacour

Photo Credit: Paul1Lacour

About a year ago, Koenigsegg collaborated with Chinese automaker Qoros to introduce one of its camless Freevalve motors in a new car, however now, they want to expand their horizons. Koenigsegg and Qoros are collaborating once again, only this time to make an electric supercar idea that they will present at this month’s Shanghai Auto Show.

Named either the “Super EV” or “9 QletriQ”, Car News China says this idea is a four door fastback worked around a carbon-fiber monocoque. This idea is said to quicken from 0-62 mph in 3.0 seconds and will have a 310-mile run. Unfortunately, those are the only details we have so far.

We most likely won’t discover substantially more about this car until it makes its official debut not long from now in Shanghai. While it’s up in the air if it will ever reach production, nevermind to North America, it’s still very fascinating. It suggests that Koenigsegg tech could, in the end, channel its way down to a generation of electric vehicles, which would be certainly cool.

Let’s not forget that Koenigsegg currently makes a Hybrid Hypercar, the Regera, with some amazing electric tech on-board. It utilizes 3 electric motors to fill in the torque curve before the gasoline engine kicks in around 100 km/h. This is done to supplement the fact that the Regera’s gasoline engine essentially has a single-fixed gear coupled to a special torque converter instead of the usual multi-geared transmission that we are used to seeing in cars.

Photo Credit: Navas_Photography

Photo Credit: Navas_Photography

From the ridiculously fast One:1, to the incredible Regera, to creating a cam-less engine, Koenigsegg always seems to make the vehicles with technology that pushes boundaries. Expect the same with their new collaboration with Qoros, albeit on a smaller scale. However, that shouldn’t make this any less interesting.

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