Dodge Challenger SRT Demon


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Dodge just can’t drink enough of that sweet, sweet horsepower juice it found. It hasn’t even been that long since Dodge unleashed the absolutely bonkers  707-HP Hellcat brothers (Challenger and Charger) to the world. The automotive world went nuts when as soon as they could get a hold of them. Seven hundred seven horsepower is excessive for pretty much any sensible person anyways. But not Dodge. Nope. They decided to turn the wick up from 707 all the way to 840. Yes, their new car, appropriately named the “Demon”, will have 840 HP.

American muscle cars of old were known to be good at one thing: Drag Racing. They could barely turn corners, but give them a quarter mile of sticky tarmac and they would let their engines do the talking. Drag racing was ingrained so much in American car culture that the “Big 3” American manufacturers all sold drag-ready specials from the factory. This tradition has been somewhat lost in recent times, however Dodge wants to bring it back with a bang.

The Challenger SRT Demon is the answer to the dying drag culture from American OEMs. Sure Ford sold the Cobra Jet Mustang, but that was only limited to a 50-unit run for the 2016 model year. I guess you could argue you for a COPO Camaro, but it’s not called the Demon, so it automatically loses. Unlike the Cobra Jet however, there will be around an estimated 3300 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon for the 2018 model year, so there are plenty to go around. And boy do they sound fun.


Source: FCA US LLC

With a name like the “Demon”, you would expect some demonic stats. And you would be right. 0-60 is over and done with in a barely believable 2.3 seconds and the quarter mile gets demolished in a blistering 9.65 seconds. These aren’t some performance figures made up by Dodge either, they are confirmed by the NHRA. Those numbers are enough to make even a Porsche 918 Spyder go cry in a corner.

In order to achieve such ridiculous stats, Dodge gad to do a lot of messing around with the Hellcat. The Demon comes with a bigger supercharger (2.7L vs 2.4L) attached to the 6.2L Hemi V8. It also reduced weight by 232 lbs. The weight reduction can be credited to numerous modifications, including removing all but the drivers seat, removing the insulation, the spare tire, the radio and speakers, the parking sensors, putting in hollow sway bars, and putting in smaller brakes. The last bit is surprising, as you would expect it to have big brakes due to the performance numbers. However, once you realize it is meant for drag racing and not for road-courses, it is makes sense. One of the biggest caveats to achieving these drag stats is that you have to install a “Demon Crate” to making that 840 HP and 9.65 ET. The crate includes an ECU tune that allows it to run on 100+ octane race fuel with a push of a button in the centre console. It also comes with small, skinny front wheels, a car jack, and an impact driver set. All this for the total sum of $1. That has to win the award for best deal of all time!

Another surprising tid-bit is that although the Demon was conceived with drag-racing in mind, it technically cannot drag-race under the NHRA rules. It is fast enough that it requires the installation of a roll-cage, which Dodge curiously does not supply. Although one has to argue that you buy a car that demon, might as well try to live up to the name and do it anyways.*


Source: FCA US LLC


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