The goldRush Rally 9ine


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The Petersen Automotive Museum is a prestigious showcase which houses the most immaculate collection of cars in LA. To a 13-year-old car lover, it’s like a candy shop. On a Saturday and Sunday of May, 2017, it held the cars that would be entering the goldRush Rally 9. When you own a supercar and go on a rally, you get to enjoy yourself and relax.

After school, my favorite place to see cars is the McLaren auto gallery, which is where I met the owner of Madwhips. He gave me a heads up on the rally cars being at the Petersen. He also asked me to write him an article for him about anything car related. I chose the rally because it gave me an excuse to go see the cars.  My family and I raced across town to see these cars only to arrive just as they were closing the outdoor exhibit. I was talking to the volunteers there about writing this article and they generously let me stay to get photos.

I recognized some of my favorite YouTubers and I got to meet them. I met “Salomondrin” (Alejandro) and “Vehicle Virgins” (Parker). They were very nice and approachable. I told Salomondrin about writing this article. He gave me tips and advice on what to mention about the rally and kindly let me sit in his Rolls-Royce Black Edition. What an awesome treat! I was feeling nervous, but on the surface I was calm.
There were about 45 cars lined up on the top of the museum parking lot looking like rainbow sprinkles on top of an ice cream cone.  Most cars were covered with stickers for the goldRush rally. The first things I saw were a chrome wrapped Aventador SV, and a bright pink Carrera GT.

One of my favorite cars was a gold wrapped 12C printed with Leonardo DaVinci’s Vitruvian man owned by Ryan of Protective Film Solutions who wrapped most of these exotic cars for the rally.

What I like about a wrap is that it can be customized to an owner’s theme. Some of the wraps included Lego themes, a purple Jaguar F-type painted to look like the Cheshire Cat, a Porsche 991 GT3-RS wrapped in a satin black, a Bugatti wrapped to look like “Herbie the Love-Bug” and an aqua blue Rolls-Royce


California is seeing a return of the gold rush.  This time, however, it’s the goldRush Rally. I learned a lot about the rally from the participants and the volunteers. This rally is a cross-country driving “experience,” where cars unite people. The drivers have fun blasting up mountains and along highways all while traveling cross-country with friends and family. The reason for the rally is to have fun and bond.

This is more than just a chance to show off their cars, it’s like a club. The drivers are taking a grand tour across the western parts of the United States and seeing 5 different states over 8 days. A lot of car collectors keep their cars locked away in their garage, but these guys get the chance to drive them around.

The goldRush Rally starts in Beverly Hills and takes its first pit-stop about 350 miles later, in San Francisco.  Traveling north, the rally blasts nearly 600 miles on to Sun River.  Heading to Seattle next, they might catch a game and relax for a couple days.

Then they will travel east about 280 miles to Spokane, Washington to try to beat the heat and test the limits of their air conditioning on their journey to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

They travel on to Park City, Utah, which may be the only place they will see more horses on the range than under their hoods. Finally, after 8 days, the rally ends in Las Vegas, where the drivers get some well deserved downtime.


The passion the rally drivers have for all kinds of cars impresses me. The atmosphere at the pre-starting stage is energetic. When you meet the owner of a supercar, they don’t gloat about their car, but instead they chat and engage with you. It feels like family, because they respect the car fans who come to see them. Whenever I am at a car event, I feel like I belong there, even me, a kid.

I say that if you ever get the chance to go on a rally, take it!



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