About Us

Hi, welcome to CarZi.com, I’m Anthony aka WhipDaddy and I’m the CEO of MadWhips.com,

I always wanted to be a rocket scientist, however due to a lust for life, I fell a couple courses shy and ended up having to settle with a Systems & Computing Engineering degree from the University of Guelph.

MadWhips, CarZi & I are currently headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our automotive based social network has given me the opportunity to attend and cover all the hottest auto events around the globe. MadWhips is home to a number of internet exclusive automotive photo galleries submitted from around the world by it’s community members.

MadWhips photo albums coupled with CarZi’s articles are regularly cited and sourced for many articles use by top publications on the web such as AutoBlog.com, Jalopnik.com, TotalProSports.com and Wired.com!

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