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Update: Gumball 3000 – Auto Nazi Impound


Only 3 days into the Gumball 3000 and already a minor headache from guess who?!? It appears that when the Gumballer’s ripped through Germany, they found themselves warmly welcomed by the Auto-Nazi’s in Germany. The German police had setup a series of roadblocks complete with floodlights and helicopters then handed out legal documents informing the Gumballer’s that their race was illegal and impounded the cars overnight. I wonder if the Gumballer’s thought they were then destined for the AGA??

“The Germans basically agreed to allow us to race on their roads, and now appear to have rescinded on that agreement,” a frustrated Michael Ross explains. “We were due to be flown out with our vehicles to Istanbul today and continue the race there, but the police have impounded our cars and won’t release them. Apparently, they’re now trying to persuade the police in Istanbul to not allow us to race there either.”

Why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t we end this childish game of ‘lets make the news’ by pissing on Maximillion Cooper’s Gumball 3000 guests? I guess this is simply Germany’s Police trying to re-assert themselves and remind the world of their oh so colorful past of being in charge and ‘trying’ to dominate the world. Just for this, I think we should all boycott Oktoberfest this year.

Apparently a free ten-police-cars-per-Gumballer escort down the autobahn to the airport was provided this morning to insure the racers made it out of Germany and onto Istanbul.



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Reminder: 2007 Gumball 3000 (April 28-May 5)

In celebration of tomorrow’s DAY 1 of the 2007 Gumball 3000 rally (ahem race), here is a video from April 30th, 2006 in London. These exotics are SICK, and I love how people have absolutely no problem painting them up with graphics and logos! (I can’t wait to do this to my exotic) I also want to re-iterate how SIMPLY AWESOME this race is and how I cant wait to have a Madwhips / Carzi sponsored car in the next ~3 years!

****** CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ******

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Gumball 3000 Donuts Video

Great video of some Gumball 3000 exotics tearing up the tarmac.

****** CLICK HERE FOR Video ******

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2007 Gumball 3000 (April 28-May 5)


Now, in its ninth year (1999-2007), the Gumball 3000 is by far the world’s largest, cult car rally created by Maximillion Cooper. With over 120 some cars and 240 some participants the Gumball 3000 appeals to the adventurer in all, regardless of status or wealth.


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